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Security And Surveillance Cameras

Looking for Surveillance systems secure your public places, schools, businesses and even at home we just have what you need. Simply having a video surveillance system that is visible to the public can act as a deterrent. Commonly seen video surveillance systems are in petrol stations, shopping malls, apartment complex, schools, fast food restaurants and banks. There are a wide range of video surveillance systems with an array of features and they vary drastically in cost. These systems typically record “real-time” or for review at a later time, some also have the ability to record audio. Video surveillance is a rapidly growing area of technology and there is a type of surveillance system to meet the needs of almost everyone.

We are experts in Total Power Protection Solutions. With over XX Years Experience we provide you with fast and efficient service and top quality products. If you’re looking for an uninterruptible power supply solution, surge protection and more we’ve got you covered. Qualified and friendly staff can help you work out the right UPS for your needs, including the type, size and subsequent run-time through to installation, preventative maintenance and replacement battery options.