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High Quality

All our products of hightest quality to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Feature Rich

With the latest in technology and raw materials, you can be assured of feature rich products.

Modern Technology

Incorporating technological marvels and sophistication, our products incoporates latest technology available.

25,000+ Customers use multiple power solutions and security solutions from us, across all industry verticals.

Our Services

Our service guarantees a response time of either next day or within a 4 hour period 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This response time is available in all of annual maintenance agreements.

With extensive experience in supplying the industrial and marine industries with uninterruptible power systems, Kirti integrates a full line of UPSs, power conversion products, power management software, remote monitoring, turnkey integration services and site support.

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Kirti SOLAR HOME UPS, SOLAR CHARGE CONTROLLER & SOLAR RETROFIT SOLUTION Kirti Solar Home UPS are hybrid UPS available in the range of 500VA, 850VA & 1500VA with inbuilt charge Controllers with wide choice of PV modules from 400Wp to 1000Wp.

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Kirti Online UPS protects your mission critical applications from downtime, data loss and corruption that inevitably hamper your productivity. The Kirti Online UPS range is designed to fit perfectly into any given environment where uninterrupted power feed is required.

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What people are saying about us

  • Anytime you have a project of this magnitude, I would highly recommend Kirti Tech. The Sales team within provided us with a lot of information on optimizatoin, features and benefits within the available budget, we had the unanimous decision to go with them immediately.
  • Kirti Tech showed us what other folks were doing, what worked well, and they also told us some things that we wanted to do and they didn’t think would work well. We really liked their willingness to be honest and direct.
  • Kirti Tech team have done a great job for us. Good at listening to challenges and helping us come up with improved solutions. We are happy to have them as long term partners.